White Diamond Microfibre Cloth Single

Single Microfibre Cloth

White Diamond Microfibre Cloths have being designed with quality in mind and of a large size to enable longer use of each cloth.

They measure 50cm x 50cm 80% Poliestere 20% Poliammide.

These cloths can be washed in the washing machine at a maximum temperature of 60 degrees, please use no conditioner as this can damage the microfiber particles.

A lot of our customers like to separate their cloths, so this is a great product so that you always know whether you are using body polish or metal polish and you can identify which cloth to use. Each cloth contains a tag which is ideal for marking with either, body polish or metal polish.

Please see our other Microfibre Cloths in packs of 10.

White Diamond Microfibre Cloth Single

1 Fl/Oz (1ML)

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