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We are pleased to announce after several years of development, our New White Diamond Detail Products ONYX Tyre Shine is NOW AVAILABLE.

So Good, You Will Go Bananas!

Banana Scented

ONYX Tyre Shine is formulated to give your tyres that high gloss, wet look. The premium blend of silicones in ONYX produces a glossy, classic black shine. Give your tyres a “just detailed” look that lasts with ONYX Tyre Shine by White Diamond Detail Products.

When it comes to tyre shines, not all are created equal. ONYX is formulated to condition and UV Protect with a highly concentrated blend of premium polysiloxane that achieves a truly spectacular shine and rejuvenated black finish.  In addition to tyres, ONYX is perfect for all exterior rubber trim and moldings.

ONYX Tyre Shine will give you a Shine for a long period of time and will not attract dust.

Shake well – For a Satin Shine Finish. Simply spray on ONYX Tyre Shine directly on clean, dry tyres or rubber trim, wait a few moments, and wipe off.

Shake well – For a High Gloss Finish. Simply spray on ONYX Tyre Shine directly on clean, dry tyres or rubber trim and allow to self dry for the Ultimate High Gloss Deep Shine.

White Diamond Detail Products Diamond Coat Ceramic Sealant with Graphene

Graphene vs. Ceramic Coatings: Which is Better?

Let Us Explain Why We Feel White Diamond Detail Products Diamond Coat is the most cost effective product on the market offering the ultimate results at an affordable price.

Over the last few years ceramic coatings and sprays have dominated the detailing scene as the highest level of protection. It wasn’t long ago that ceramic-infused coatings, waxes, sealants, and spray coatings were premium add-ons at dealerships and detailing shops. Today they’re widely used and in just about every DIY detailer’s garage. There are hundreds of products on the market from nearly every major car care brand. Many work as advertised, others may leave you disappointed and end up collecting dust on the shelf.

So do ceramic coatings work? Absolutely.

The silicon dioxide (SiO2) compound found in ceramic coatings provides significantly better protection than traditional waxes and sealants. It does this through nanotechnology that allows the product to bond to your paint, wheels, glass, and trim at a molecular level. This fills in microscopic pits and grooves in your paint leaving a hydrophobic surface that is so smooth that it actually feels “slick” to the touch. 


Ceramic coatings are all over the board when it comes to pricing. A true professional-grade ceramic product will yield the best results but can cost well over £100 per bottle and is typically only sold to certified professionals. DIY versions from start around £60. There are also several spray ceramic coatings on the market, and many more that are less expensive and suited for just about anyone. 


Ceramic coatings are extremely durable and can last anywhere from a few months to several years. Professional-grade ceramic coatings claim to last up to 5-7 years. This is truly remarkable considering many of us grew up applying paste wax that began to lose its hydrophobic properties after just 30 days, and provided nowhere near the same level of protection. While true ceramic coatings are extremely durable, they are not for everyone or every budget. Many spray ceramic coatings and sealants can offer 6 months to a year of protection and be applied in your driveway for as little as £10 a coat. Spray ceramic coatings don’t last nearly as long, but they’re easy to apply and can last up to 6 months before needing to install another coat. This cost effectiveness and moderate durability make them a good option for DIY’ers and weekend warriors on a budget


Graphene coatings are the latest technological advancement to hit the automotive detailing market. If you’re on social media regularly then you’ve definitely seen a sharp increase in ads promoting graphene products. This carbon-based nanomaterial was discovered back in 2004 and went on to win the Nobel Prize in 2010 for their research. Fast forward to today, and graphene is growing in popularity in many detailing circles as major brands have released graphene products that claim up to 10 years of protection.


There are many benefits of graphene in automotive applications and relative strengths compared to ceramic coatings. Here are a few:

The slickness factor of graphene is extremely high making it comparable to some of the best coatings and sealants on the market. If you’re a fan of that water beading effect then you’ll love graphene. 

Some of the relative advantages over ceramic coatings are: 


As with ceramic coatings the cost of graphene coatings varies. Today’s graphene products appear to compete at a price point similar to comparable ceramic coatings, and can be found for as low as $79 from Adam’s Polishes for a 60ml bottle and $99 from Ethos Car Care for a 30ml bottle. We consider this pretty affordable for a product that doesn’t require additional training or certifications and can provide multiple years of protection. A professional graphene coating is currently the best level of protection and will achieve a 9H grade on the Mohs Hardness Scale (Fun fact: diamonds are the only known mineral to score a 10H). Spray graphene coatings hitting the market won’t grade at a 9H, but they can still be a good choice for DIYers and provide a big upgrade over SiO2 ceramic spray coatings. The new spray graphene coatings are estimated to last over a year and run about £32 and up. This is comparable to many of the leading ceramic spray coatings despite being (arguably) a better product for the reasons listed above. As with spray ceramic spray coatings, a single bottle of graphene spray coating can treat multiple vehicles so you get a lot for your money. For the professional detailers out there, graphene provides a great up-sell opportunity with clients looking for the “latest and greatest” coating and it won’t take you any extra time to install.


As with ceramic coatings and almost any other sealant on the market, it is crucial to properly prep the vehicle’s surface before installation. Here’s are the steps we recommend prior to installing a graphene coating: 

Don’t have time for all that? At the very least use a high-quality car wash using three detailing buckets (wash, rinse, and wheels dedicated buckets) and then clay bar the entire vehicle to remove imperfections before using a graphene coating or graphene spray coating. You should never put a sealant, coating, or wax on top of contaminants or old coatings. Once a graphene (or ceramic) coating is applied it will be there for a long time and so will any imperfections underneath. So take the time and do the prep work before you apply a coating for optimal results. 

Are Graphene Coatings the Best Thing on the Market?

We are excited to see the rise of graphene in both the professional and DIY detailing worlds, and believe it might just be the next big thing. White Diamond Detail Products certainly are at the forefront of this marketplace and this is what makes our Diamond Coat one of the easiest, longest lasting product available on the market for a reasonable low price.

December 2020


Our Offices Close on Wednesday 23rd December 2020 at 3pm. All Online Orders received before 1pm will be shipped the same day, we do recommend using DPD Next Day Shipping Options Ideally to avoid any delays. Our Warehouse Staff will be in to ship any orders over the festive period on Wednesday 30th December 2020.

Our offices will officially re-open on 4th January 2020

From all of the Directors and Staff at White Diamond Detail Products, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Fantastic New Year.

This Year has been very challenging for us all, and lets all Hope 2021 We Start to see Normality Return.


1. Why are White Diamond products superior?

White Diamond Metals Polish is a concentrated, fast drying metals polish formulated for hand cleaning or power buffing of aluminum and other metal surfaces. The original brilliant shine of the surface is restored with effortless cleaning. It cleans, polishes and protects all in one. This is a one-step polish. No cleaner is needed before using it. Customers using the product say they are polishing less often to maintain their shine.

The wax formulation in the product sets it apart from other metals polishes. Put White Diamond Metals Polish up against what you’re using now! White Diamond Metals Polish is a heavy-duty polish that works effectively on any metal surface and leaves a wax finish to protect the shine.

White Diamond Metals Polish works on…

aluminum • chrome • stainless steel • brass • copper • silver • gold • pewter • nickel

magnesium and beryllium • and will remove water scum lines from boats.

It even removes bluing and boot burns from motorcycle pipes.

The polish can be used directly on any metal surface. It cuts through road grime quickly and effectively. The ease of use in combination with superior shine makes White Diamond Metals Polish the best polish currently available on the market. Since 1998 numerous side-by-side tests have been performed with other leading competitor brands (regardless of price) and White Diamond Metals Polish has outperformed all competitor brands in the areas of ease of use and shine!

2. How do I use White Diamond products?

White Diamond Metals Polish can be applied by hand or by using a compound buffer (2800-3200 RPM). You will notice that the product will separate when not in use. It separates due to its formulation, which includes its jewelers’ rouge base, which is the white part at the bottom, petroleum distillates and a wax formulation, which is at the top of the bottle.

We use white jewelers rouge in our product, which is the least abrasive of the rouges. The oily petroleum distillate as the polish carrier enables you to spread the product over a larger surface area without evaporating like other polishes, which use a thin mineral spirit as the polish carrier. To use it, shake the bottle vigorously until it comes off the bottom of the bottle and continue shaking it throughout use.

2a. Applying White Diamond products by hand.

Since White Diamond Metals Polish is a cleaner, polisher and protector all in one, you do not have to clean the surface before application.

Apply a small amount on a soft cloth (terry cloth works best!) and rub it on, going with the grain of the metal if necessary. Allow the product to turn gray. The product needs to sit for at least one minute or until it is tacky to the touch, similar to a paint wax. Application with the same cloth for each application is recommended, however, when wiping off use a clean area of the cloth or a clean cloth. ENJOY YOUR SHINE! IT WILL LAST A LONG TIME! Easier IS better, isn’t it?

2b. Applying White Diamond Metals Polish with a compound buffer.

Since White Diamond Metals Polish is a cleaner, polisher and protector all in one, you do not have to clean the surface before application. Apply a small amount onto the buffing pad (sheep’s wool is recommended) and bring the surface to a shine, which will appear in seconds, going with the grain of the metal if necessary.

If covering a large surface area you may want to pressure wash the diamond plate area to remove the product from the surface and the crevices. If removing by hand, just wipe off the residue and you’re done! With just one use, you can see that White Diamond Metals Polish applies, removes oxidation from the surface, and wipes off easier than any other competing product!

3. Can I become a Reseller of White Diamond products? Dealer/Distributor?

White Diamond Detail Products Europe, remains very selective when obtaining its dealer and wholesale distribution accounts and feels that if you are a very reputable entity and would be a viable as well as a very respectable means of distributing White Diamond Metals Polish, then we can forward you distributor pricing information upon request or you can contact the marketing department at 01538 369238


4. How does White Diamond Metals Polish work on diamond plate?

White Diamond Metals Polish is an excellent choice to use on diamond plate. If you have a small surface area to clean, simply apply White Diamond Metals Polish in an “X” pattern, let it gray up and then simply wipe it off. If you have a large surface area to clean, it is recommended that you use a compound buffer (2800-3200 RPM) and after you have applied the product, and buffed it to a shine, go over it with a pressure washer to get into all of the grooves in the plate. It is truly remarkable! It has never been so easy to clean ALL of the diamond plate and not have to work hours on end to get into all of the grooves!

5. Does White Diamond Metals Polish work on painted surfaces?

White Diamond Metals Polish is not formulated to work on painted surfaces.

6. What if I get White Diamond Metals Polish on my painted surfaces?

If you should happen to get some on your paint, no problem. Simply let it dry and then wipe it off!

7. Will White Diamond Metals Polish work on anodized or clear-coated metals?

White Diamond Metals Polish is not designed to work on anodized or clear-coated materials in that you are not actually touching the metal surface itself. You will need to sand the item down so you can actually touch the metal surface to allow White Diamond Metals Polish to work on your item.


8. Can White Diamond Metals Polish remove pitting?

White Diamond Metals Polish won’t remove pitting, but it will sure make the surface area look a whole lot better and will provide EVEN MORE protection to guard against it on other areas in the future.

9. Can White Diamond Metals Polish remove rust?

White Diamond Metals Polish works wonders on rusted surfaces. However, there are some things out there that just can’t be helped. We’ve actually polished surfaces that haven’t been cleaned in 15 years and brought them back to life!


10. Why do I have to shake White Diamond Metals Polish?

White Diamond Metals Polish settles when not in use or during shipment. You need to shake it up really well to get it off the bottom of the bottle so that you are left with a “white” polish. We put it in a clear bottle, that way you can tell when it’s ready to use. No guesswork here!

11. Why does cloth turn black when White Diamond Metals Polish is applied?

White Diamond Metals Polish reacts in different ways to different metals. If the cloth turns black, you are working with a true metal. If your cloth does not turn black, you are possibly working with a metal that has been anodized, or clear-coated and the product will not work as designed.

12. What if my metal is still hot when I apply White Diamond Metals Polish?

You may use White Diamond Metals Polish on hot or warm metals. It will not cake up and you will not have to scrape it off! Just apply and then wipe it off!

13. How long will a bottle of White Diamond Metals Polish last?

That all depends of course on the surface area being cleaned, how much you are planning to clean with it, what type of shape its in and what types of weather conditions and climate you experience. However, White Diamond Metals Polish users state that the shine lasts TWO to THREE times longer than any other polish they’ve ever used, so they are polishing less often.

14. Does White Diamond Metals Polish have any harsh chemicals in it?

White Diamond Metals Polish contains no harsh chemicals within its makeup. You don’t have to worry about it “eating” through your metal surface.

15. Will White Diamond Metals Polish scratch my metal?

White Diamond Metals Polish absolutely WILL NOT scratch your metals. Some of the most well known high-line chrome accessories manufacturers and dealers in the world use White Diamond Metals Polish for their own products!

16. Does White Diamond Metals Polish have a foul-smelling odor?

White Diamond Metals Polish has no foul-smelling odor to it. In fact, our polish is vanilla scented, so it is pleasant to use. In other words you don’t have to wear a gas mask or be knocked down by fumes, because there are none!

17. Will the White Diamond Metals Polish shine last a long time after I put it on?

Users say that the shine lasts TWO to THREE times longer than any other polish they’ve ever used, so they are polishing less often. It has a barrier that actually “seals” the shine into your metal, thus protecting it from the elements.


18. Can I use White Diamond Metals Polish in direct sunlight?

White Diamond Metals Polish is formulated to be used in direct sunlight. If it dries up quickly, it just makes your job easier! Just wipe it off and be on your way!

19. How does White Diamond Metals Polish react to water, snow and outside elements?

White Diamond Metals Polish is a fantastic way to protect your metals from the elements. It will even protect your metals more every time you use it. We have users that drive in snow, salt, sleet or even live near the ocean. Shine maintenance is definitely at a minimum and they are definitely pleased!

20. What if my White Diamond Metals Polish freezes?

Not a problem, just use as directed and get the same results every time!

21. What if it’s very hot or cold when I use White Diamond Metals Polish?  

White Diamond Metals Polish is designed to work in ALL climates!

22. Where Can I buy White Diamond Detail Products?

If you click on, Find A Stockist, this will give you access to stockist’s throughout Europe.

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